The Legend of the famous Slim Famous

~ Loosely based on collections of lies, hear-say, exaggerations and speculations ~

According to Legend, big-idea hunter, Slim Famous has twisted the tale of a tag-line, raced a rhyme and gave it reason, captured a concept, packaged a product, reeled in a run-a-way thought and used a can to catch a phrase. -It is even said that he captured, tamed and named the guerilla we now know as Marketing.

Slim Famous, supposedly born with that very name, during an earth-shaking brain-storm, in a place known only as Creation,- is known as the man who personifies the realms of possibility within the imagination. It is said that he can out think and out wit anyone, at any time.

Other legendary stories about this inventive outlaw include blowing up the ‘think outside box,’ balancing a ‘tipping point’, exposing the man who ‘grew rich by only thinking’ and giving ideas away -For Free!

It still seems, however,  that little is known of Slim outside his conceptual capers. It hasn’t helped that he doesn’t have a permanent web address, holster a business card, ride in on a four-color brochure or blog his daily life at The My Space Saloon. There have actually been more eye-witness accounts of the GEICO gecko in the last 15 years than of Slim. Still, his legend continues, getting greater and more unbelievable with every referral or rumored account about something, somebody, somewhere swears – with a ready-to-sign contract -that they were there when it happened. They saw the Slim Famous brand seared from side-to-to side, top to bottom and into the heart of a big idea. It is true, that some do have a free ‘sample’ to support their claim.

Those claiming to have seen Slim in action say his strategy and approach is what makes him so successful. Slim, they say, studies the idea, understands the idea, and lives with the idea becoming one with the idea until he thinks like it, smells like it, eats like it, breaths like it, feels like it and sounds like it. At this point his arms are already wrapped around the idea and he leads it right into the marketplace where it is locked down.

Slim’s legend grows in the fantastic stories that zig-zag from person to person like calling cards at a ‘meet and greet.’ However, It should be expected that these stories are no less folkloric than the actual size of the ‘Jolly Green Giant’, the blindness of the Energizer Bunny, or the sexual exploits of the ‘Brawny’ man. Anyone with any sense should realize that some concepts, although entertainingly imaginative just aren’t possible. They are no less crazy than a flying machine or an unlimited calling plan.

Slim merely lives within the tales told about him, traveling on the tongue of the tellers and the ears of the listeners; jumping the pages of his story like a big city idea on its way out of style. He hides among the very words that expose him, making his get-away on the shake of every head and shrug of every shoulder not knowing where or what he is doing now.

It seems impossible to separate fact from fiction when thinking about Slim. Is he really guiding folks on a creative expedition through the Ande’s Candies Mountains? Has he finally developed a natural preservative for fresh ideas? Did he secretly marry Lorraine Collett Petersen, the Sun-Maid raisins girl? We may never know the answers to these questions, but we can be sure that Slim is somewhere putting a spin on a twist, tagging a line, weaving a web, tending to a pun and chasing down another big idea to capture, brand and release.