Social Media/S.E.O. is on everyone’s mind – as it should be. We know three things about Social Media 1. It’s essential to your business. 2. Most people do not realize what is fully involved. 3. It’s a full time task. Social media is one element of business most think can be done ‘in house,’ but quickly realize it is either not effective or it is taking up too much time and energy. We are skilled at developing the right channels of social media beneficial to you and managing the process and on going commitment. Note! Social Media does not just mean Face Book. Social media has become a monster with many tentacles and although all of them are not necessary at least some should be included in your promotional strategies. We create, manage and assess your social media efforts.

Brand One Strategies & Solutions creates, manages and applies content to all major social media platforms for high profile clients with fan bases of more than 1 million people, major retail chains, multi-million dollar real estate developers, food manufacturers and small businesses.