Events ranging from adventure races to concerts to festivals have been an increased focus during the past few years. We have developed, produced, promoted and pulled off some incredible events with success. Our ability to conceptualize, organize, strategize and execute is a natural fit for creating and producing events. It has become a niche’ we are truly loving to include in our offered services.

Brand One Strategies & Solutions specialize in Experiential Marketing; of which includes producing events that showcase a brand in a dynamic platform where consumers can interact directly with the product. Our ability to combine our strategic marketing, public relations, social media and extensive network of collaborative partners is evident in the largely attended and highly publicized events we produce. A good example is a Halloween event ‘Brickyard Scare’ that had been attended by about 200 people prior to our management of the event and elevating attendance to more than 3,500 in a single year. Our events feature notable musicians, professional extreme athletes, jugglers, fire dancers and a cast of characters comparable to Disney.