A Brand Is As A Brand Does.

Forest Gump’s famous line that ‘stupid is as stupid does’ means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. We are what we do. We are what we think. We are what we eat. These simplistic philosophies prove true and the same can be said about a brand. A brand is as a brand does. Unfortunately this reality is lost on many businesses and therefore what their brand does also effects what their customers will do.

Without a complete and effective brand, you have nothing. Done correctly, a complete brand is the foundation of all perception within the marketplace regarding your business product or service. The message that you are the best at delivering what your customers want is rock solid and received loud and clear by consumers. The problem is that most people and/or businesses do not understand what is involved with developing a complete brand and therefore fall short of consumer and industry expectations. The most common misconception about brands is that the brand identifiers are the brand. Most people consider a logo, sign, brochure, advertising and etc. to be the brand, but these are brand identifiers, merely the ‘skin’ of a brand; nice packaging (or not) for what’s inside a product, service or person and used to educate and attract consumers to a brand. Even the dictionary simply refers to a brand as a ‘manufactured product.” So what is a brand? A brand is everything associated with a product, service or person including quality, price, customer-service, cleanliness, location, customer experience, value and so forth. The process of ‘branding’ has become an over used and over simplified term for creative collateral, but it is essential to understand that a brand is every component associated with a product, service or person. When the packaging is torn away it is what is inside, behind the walls and the spirit or soul of a business or person that will ultimately represent a brand. It is our understanding of this reality and how to get deep inside the essence of a business product, service or person that makes us extremely effective at building brands that not only last and endure, but also thrive.

We specialize in developing successful brands that appeal to consumers because we evaluate and fine-tune every aspect of a business creating a seamless and positive experience that results in customer retention and growth.  There are four primary stages of brand development including brand conception, brand creation, brand management and brand evolution. If it is a new idea ready to be realized or the re-creation of an existing brand, we are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable at assisting you with the process. With a variety of nationwide clients we have a proven track record of success on identifying your goal and making sure you achieve it.


  • Full Brand Assessment to evaluate and estimate the true nature, quality and abilities of you and/or your business.
  • Brand Experience Evaluation as perceived by the consumer or audience as discovered through dialogue, behavior, sales analysis, customer retention and other feedback
    • Market Evaluation identify current position, competition, strengths, weaknesses and avenues for growth
    • Determine Your Precise Goal(s) based on the brand assessment and your expectations for where you want to arrive.
  • Establish Clear Objectives (3-5 to start) To serve as the operational channels for achieving your goal.
  • A Comprehensive Plan that starts with your goal, is supported by the objectives and driven by effective strategies that serves as the playbook for brand creation, management and evolution.