The Legend of the famous Slim Famous

~ Loosely based on collections of lies, hear-say, exaggerations and speculations ~ According to Legend, big-idea hunter, Slim Famous has twisted the tale of a tag-line, raced a rhyme and gave it reason, captured a concept, packaged a product, reeled in a run-a-way thought and used a can to catch a phrase. -It is even […]

A Complete Brand is a Well-Managed Brand

There’s an old joke among farmers that ‘a brand, is a cow’s only return address.’ Considered properly, the same is true about a brand and the business associated with it. I write and speak a lot about brands because they are the most important factor of the success or failure of a business, but also […]

That’s Using Your Noodle! Product Development As Solutions To Problems

If you have ever had the chance to explore an old farm you probably saw some of the greatest inventions the world has never seen with gadgets and doohickeys scattered around that served a purpose only the farmer knows. By the time my grandfather passed away at the age of 93 he could be described […]

A Complete Brand Is Everything

Branding, A Holistic Approach The average American child is able to recognize and identify the McDonald’s arches before their own written name. The average American adult is able to identify the smells, tastes, menu costs and inside of a McDonald’s even when there are no brand symbols available. McDonalds is a fully branded company, and […]

May The Best Plan Win

The idea that ‘no plan is the best plan’ can be good when applied to a road trip or spontaneous ‘walk-about’. However, when applying this concept to starting a business, “winging it” could quickly result in failure or being outperformed within the marketplace. Starting and operating a business requires a clear and concise step-by-step process […]