Professional Network

Before ‘Ad Week’ declared ‘The Death of big agencies’ and that independents and boutiques are the preference we were already here.

Under the direction of Brent Beckett, a network of highly skilled, independent, designers, artists, writers, photographers, strategists and sales people provide the necessary components for supporting the needs of your brand. Everyone working within the network have left traditional agency or business environments to work independently because they believe they are more effective outside of a system rather than inside one. They are self-motivated, powerful thinkers and extremely talented professionals who understand they create a better product or service at a greater value because they don’t employ the overhead of traditional firms. As a result the undeniable accountability for each contributor is easily identified. In our scenario you only pay for the services you need rather than that of a traditional agency where you pay for the entire operation if you need it or not. The right independent contractor is selected specifically for you based on style, personality, industry knowledge and the general notion they are a good ‘fit.’ Together we provide quality work in a timely manner at a good value. Once a potential client understands the over all difference in using Brand One Strategies we are consistently the desired choice.